Professor Adeloye was appointed to be Session Chair on WSI Conference in the Netherlands

Professor Adeloye has been appointed to be Chair for the discussion in Session 2.4 during the WSI conference in the Netherlands under theme: “Water management in India and other semi-aride Regions“. This conference aims at exchanging scientific knowledge and bridging gaps between scientists, policy makers, NGOs and the business community.


Dear mr Adeloye,

You are one of the presenters at Wageningen Water Science for Impact (WSI) conference in session number 2.4:

We would like to invite you to be the chair of that session.

If you accept this invitation, your task would be to introduce the presenters, and to keep track of the timing of the session. Biosketches of the presenters are available on the website. During the conference, there will be room assistants, who will assist you on the technical issues, and make sure that presentations are uploaded on the PCs in the rooms.

We hope you are willing to be the chair of your session, and hope to hear from you soon.

Please contact us in case of questions,


Carolien Kroeze, Johan Feenstra and Laura Schumacher