Technical Studies

The Centre for Gas Hydrate Research, with its extensive experimental and modelling capabilities, is well equipped to address various technical problems associated with gas hydrates and flow assurance, including:

  • Measuring and predicting the hydrate stability zones for various hydrocarbons with and without formation water and/or organic inhibitors
  • Measurement of the amount and composition of various phases in the presence of gas hydrates
  • Determining the hydrate stability zone in porous media
  • Kinetics of hydrate formation and the effect of hydrate promoters
  • Performance of LDHIs
  • Transportability of fluid systems containing gas hydrates (e.g., effectiveness of anti-agglomerants)
  • Wax WAT/WDT measurements and wax-hydrate equilibria
  • Designing drilling fluids for offshore and deepwater operations
  • Best practices for dissociation of gas hydrate plugs
  • Avoiding gas hydrate problems in well clean-up and testing, WAG injection operations, pipeline start-ups and shut-downs
  • Simulating various gas hydrate formation and production scenarios
  • Freezing points/boiling points of aqueous solutions of organic inhibitors and/or electrolytes
  • Solubility and salting out of electrolytes in aqueous solutions of organic inhibitors (e.g., halite deposition)

The Centre has provided technical support in solving gas hydrate problems to a number of major hydrocarbon production and service companies, including Shell, BP, Marathon, Baker-Hughes, E. Wood Ltd, Genesis Oil and Gas, TOTAL, Sasol, Messer UK, Mearsk, OMV, Rhodia, Blackwatch Petroleum Services, Baker Petrolite, CSIRO, Occidental, Chevron, Ondeo, and Castrol.


As a result of the expansion of technical services, the Centre has recently formed a spin-out company, Hydrafact Ltd, with the primary objectives of

  1. Undertaking consultancy studies for the industry
  2. Building experimental equipment for companies
  3. Providing training in the use of this equipment, and
  4. Further developing commercial hydrate/wax software.