Progressing Programme

We will deliver a full programme to you as soon as possible, but here is an outline:

ORJIP and Annex IV are planning a workshop, approximately 10am – 4pmĀ  on Monday 23rd April 2018. Invitations to that workshop will be issued by them.

We plan to hold an evening reception on Monday 23rd April. We want to confirm registration and issue conference packs for as many attendees as possible at that end.

Registration will open at the venue, Pickaquoy Centre at 8am on the morning of Tuesday 24th April.

Posters can be set up from 8am on 24th and displayed until 6pm on 26th.

3 full days of presentations (typically 9am to 5.30pm with morning, lunch and afternoon breaks) will be held on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (24th – 26th).

EMEC plan to hold a side event, “Orkney Marine Energy in Action”, visiting several locations but starting (0900) and ending (1300) in Kirkwall on the morning of Friday 27th April. This timetable should be consistent with catching late afternoon and evening fights from Kirkwall on your return journeys. Note that EMEC will levy a small charge to cover the cost of minibuses etc.

We hope this outline will be sufficient to make your travel plans.