The importance of this subject means that it is relevant to researchers working in many academic areas, and it is an aim of this conference to bring together those working in different disciplines and from different cultures to encourage collaboration and further progress in the subject.

Abstracts are welcome on any subject within the broad definition of environmental interactions with wave and tidal technologies. In terms of the environment, we include the natural, physical, social, economic and policy context. Achieving consent and efficiently capturing the practical resource are both necessary for progress and we will value presentations demonstrating a balanced perspective.

Oral presentations will be presented in plenary session. A gallery will be available for poster presentations and an opportunity will be given for an “elevator pitch” of each accepted poster.

Abstracts to be submitted by email to the conference organiser at for consideration by the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC). An abstract should consist of a title, a summary (typically 100 – 300 words), a list of 3-5 key words, the contact details of all the authors, and a correspondence address. A preference for oral or poster presentation should be stated. Since the plenary format will restrict the number of oral presentations, SSC will offer a poster slot to many of the submissions refused an oral presentation.

Informal enquiries about the conference may also be sent to the same email  address.

The deadline for all submissions is now 10 January 2018.